4 days

5:44 sunrise

22:27 sunset

I leave for Edmonton on Friday morning. TransRockies starts on Sunday. I am nervous.

On the one hand I feel like I have been waiting all summer for this event but, on the other, I feel like I am not quite ready. But I am not sure what else would make me ready. We’ve put in the time (170+ hours over 14 weeks). I know a lot of it is going to be a mental thing, just believing that we can complete the race. But how do I know?!? I don’t! That said, I am really, really sure that my partner (aka my bike wife) Sierra can do it, so I am going to rely on her mental and physical stubborness to drag my ass across the Rocky Mountains. She says she will – come hell or high water.

Last night Tony packed our bikes. Thank gawd we have him along with us on this trip as out mechanic and support. It has allowed me to worry about my bike a lot less.

If you want to see how we’re doing, I assume that daily race updates will be posted on the TR website. You can look for our team in the Open Women’s division. We are the Fat Tire Ballerinas. Our friend Jill is also racing in this event so look for her and her partner Keith who are racing as Rocky Mountain Trail Trash. And last, but certainly not least (in fact – I’m excited to see how competative he will be) is our friend Dave Gonda who is racing the TR3.

Wish me luck.



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