TransRockies – The Bad

There were two articles about TransRockies in the Globe and Mail last week. In the August 7 edition, Stefan Widmer says: “You’re so completely physically and mentally exhausted that every year there are moments when you say, ‘This is the last race for me.’ Then the mind forgets the bad things and the next thing you know you’re signing up again.”

It’s so true.

There really were a lot of “bad” times for me last week. At some point, I think on stage 4 in the hail, I turned to Sierra and told her that I had never been so unhappy in my entire life. It’s funny because now I hardly remember saying that, nevermind actually feeling that way. But there were bad times. They mostly occurred when I felt frustrated by my lack of skills and ability (day 1 riding wet rooty singletrack, day 3 pushing my bike for 5km up a 20% grade covered in alders, day 6 waking up feeling sick at the prospect of going out there again).

But the bad memories are fading. Fortunately, digital images stick around a little longer and I offer you these photographs to try and illustrate how I was feeling.

Stage 1 first checkpoint. I had taken a fairly significant fall on the first descent and it shook me. I was fine, aside from a large bruise on my thigh, but it freaked me out. It was not the first time I found myself thinking: “What am I doing here?! I should never have done this.”

Stage 3 while pushing up the Continental Divide. I found this to be the most physically demanding day and I was exhausted early on. Bushwhacking didn’t help my mood.
Stage 4 during the hail storm. I was hiding under a tree to try and get some protection from the hail stones which were pretty painful when they hit.

Good times.


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