Home Decor – Clocks

6:50 sunrise
21:11 sunset

I really want a starburst clock. In fact, this one would do nicely. I’d like it to go in our kitchen or dining area.

But I would like it to be less expensive ($135 for the above). And I want Ben to love starburst clocks too (and he doesn’t really). I’m sure, like a lot of 50s/70s stuff I adore, I want one of these clocks because my grandparents had one on their wood panelled kitchen wall. You know, something that reminds me of happy times when I was a kid.

Um, that’s it really. There are a lot of other ‘things’ I would love to have for our house but at least a funky 50s clock is in the realm of the possible. A new couch, fabulous easy chair, kitchen stools and dining room chairs are in the realm of not a chance.


  1. My Grandparents have a wood one in there basement suite. When I was young I slept on the footon in the suite and fell a sleep to the ticking of the clock. Now if there is a ticking near by at bed time I think of that room and Christmas.


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