Middle of Finter

6:58 sunrise
22:01 sunset

It is definintely fall (or as I prefer to call it, finter) in the Yukon. Unfortunately it’s also been a bit wetter than usual which makes getting out to enjoy our last month of riding a bit more frustrating. I saw enough rain in Alberta in August – no need to have more of it here.

I went to Mt Sima on Wednesday to check out the downhill trails they have built this summer. I must say, poor Bea (my bike) is not really suited for rocketing down the alpine. Downhilling isn’t really my thing, but it was still a fun way to spend a couple of hours after work.

And of course, all the colours are changing so it was beautiful. I love this season here, even if it is ridiculously short. These shots were all taken from the chairlift.


One comment

  1. We're almost at the time that the weather becomes bearable out here in HK.

    2+ months of 35 degree heat and 90+% relative humidity – October / November is delightful out here. Lovely and warm but without the mugginess đŸ™‚


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