A Weekend of Fall Fabulousness

7:22 sunrise

20:30 sunset

This weekend was a Yukon fall classic. It began on Friday night with my now 4th annual Klondike Road Relay and ended on Sunday with a ride on Mt Lorne to enjoy the spectacular fall scenery.

I’ve done a poor job of being prepared for the road relay the last couple of years. I blame it on my new found love of bicycles. Even with the loooooooooong summer days, I just can’t fit in time for running *and* biking. I think the truth is that I just like my bike more than my running shoes, but the result is the same: I don’t train very well for this running event. This year was particularly poor since I was so focused on TransRockies. At least, as team captain, I got to choose my leg and only had to suffer 9km (straight up and over the pass). It poured rain for the entireity of my leg and I plodded my way slowly uphill to finish 40th out of 63 women or 93rd out of 123 people total. But, weirdly, it was still fun and I am already excited about next year.

We were a faster team than we were in 2009 and we completed the race in 17 hours 7 minutes for 54th place overall. Next year I’m bringing the RV back.

Ben at the KRR starting line :

The weather finally cleared on Sunday and I went for a mini-epic (can you have such a thing?) with my bike, 8 friends and 2 dogs up Mt Lorne. It was exactly what I needed – to spend some time out in the incredible colour that is a Yukon fall. The guys I was with were mostly hammerheads so I huffed and puffed my way up the mountain behind them but the scenery was so gorgeous I don’t think anyone minded the delay. I’m hoping that we will get a couple more weekends like this before the weather really turns to shit.

On Saturday we’re planning on checking out a cyclocross event in Skagway…should be interesting!

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