Archival Haiku

8:23 sunrise
19:12 sunset

First day pencils sharp
Jenn’s desk is clean and tidy
Backlog no problem
My boss wrote me that haiku for my first day of work this week. Isn’t it awesome?! It feels good to be back at the Archives and it’s been relaxing because I don’t yet fully comprehend all of the problems and challenges of my job. It’s a bit of a honeymoon period, I suppose.

The only crap thing is the colour of the walls in my work space – check out the horrifying light pink shade with a slight purple tinge. Gak. It HAS to go. Who the hell ever let that out of a paint can?!

Anyway, to ease my way back into working as an archivist, I’ve decided to take several days off. Ben and I are driving to Edmonton tomorrow (he has to go for work). En route we plan to do a bit of exploring and once there a bit of shopping (a new couch might be in my future). Ridiculously long road trip – here we come!

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