Edmonton and back in 6 days

8:41 sunrise

18:51 sunset
So on Saturday last week Ben and I took off to drive more than 4500km in a 6 day quest for office furniture, a new couch, some city food and a soak in some hot springs.

We took Mingus and he wasn’t overly impressed. He did, however, bark like crazy at any and all wildlife we saw.

And we saw a LOT: elk, bison, snow geese, a grizzly, deer, and a lynx (!)

It’s my third time driving the Alaska Highway and it’s still beautiful…but lengthy.

It was my first time in northern Alberta. Flat. Not as pretty as the Yukon, but some nice skies and sunrises/sunsets. But we did encounter really, really nice people including possibly the nicest cop ever (who pulled us over for a plate question regarding the trailer we were hauling).

We ate a couple of yummy meals – eating out is a big city joy that I miss experiencing in Whitehorse.

And we got a chance to do a little bit of exploring in Jasper which is a place I had never before managed to visit. It is a GORGEOUS spot. I was really loving the Rockies. We soaked in the hot springs at Miette (in the National Park) during the last day it was open for the season. It was lovely, but unfortunately not as hot hot hot as I was hoping for.

Our trip to Ikea was also successful (but exhausting) and a lovely new couch is now sitting in our living room. I kind of need to do a reno post soon to show how the downstairs is coming along. It’s been mostly finished since May, but I have been kinda holding off for a ‘final” photo once everything is complete.

All in all a bit of an insane drive, but fun at the same time. And in a mere week I am off on another adventure: Colorado with friends for a bikecation!

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