9:05 sunrise
16:25 sunset

I’m cranky.

We didn’t take into account the width of the brackets for the shelving units we bought for the upstairs bedroom. This means that the shelves are too wide for the room.
I probably can’t spin tonight because I don’t have a trainer and my road bike is still under repair. I tried to buy a trainer but my LBS is out of the cheap ones so I have to wait a bit.
I still need to get a costume together for the pond hockey tournament in 2 weekends. We’re trying for 80s ski bunny (ie: stay warm but still look goofy). The Sally Ann here is woefully inadequate and I miss real city thrift stores.
I had to take time off work today so that I can do prep work on the courses I am teaching at the college this week and next week.
And it’s snowing and getting cold out (-10C this morning). Oh wait – I kind of like this one so it isn’t really crank-inducing this time. I might reneg on this one though.
How’s your day going?


  1. Yesterday, I drove 11 hours (it was supposed to be 8) through rain, then snow, then freezing rain to a camp in the middle of nowhere. 😛 There is a severe weather warning in place for my return trip tomorrow. On the plus side, we had turkey for dinner 🙂


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