Annual Pond Hockey Tournament

9:37 sunrise

16:01 sunset
Oh my gawd pond hockey so much fun!!! That’s me in the hawt blue spandex.

I continue to be a lousy skater and a useless puck-handler but I love this annual event (now in its 6th year, my 3rd year playing). We lost 3 straight games in the round robin which gave us enough time to take our 80s ski bunny selves back home to nap and prepare for the after-party.

Can I just say that I should have invested in a crimper in 1986?! And Margi did my makeup which was waaaaay cooler than I could have made myself up as a teenager.
Unfortunately I devolved into a wine-soaked party-goer at M&J’s place where I danced to Bonnie Tyler and Salt N’ Pepa until close to 2:30am. Do you have ANY idea how much pain I was in after busting out the Push It dance moves?! Ouch. But a lot, a lot of fun.

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