#4 out of 31 Dresses

9:48 sunrise
15:53 sunset

What I find hardest about Dressember is not just the idea of wearing a dress or a skirt for 31 days straight in the depths of winter, it’s the fact that it is dark outside for so much of the day that I can’t manage to take a half decent photo of the dress once I’ve got it on. Indoor photos with flash photos look like hell.

Anyhow, I spent yesterday’s daylight hours at Mt Sima for the opening day of the downhill ski season. Snow was plentiful and there was genuine, actual powder up above my knees. Pretty rare in these parts.
Then last night Ben and I attended his work Christmas party. I still find it weird that I live in a small enough and white enough town that we actually go to things called Christmas parties but whatever. That’s a topic for a whole other post and I am not sure I feel like going there. I wore a dress that I bought for a friend’s wedding a few years ago. A better photo (from that wedding) lives here. The photo below was taken around midnight when we got home.
Boots – pleather, brown and from somewhere in Vancouver
Tights – 2 pairs (green underneath and cream fishnets on top) both Superstore
Dress – Winner’s
Necklace – Yukon College bookstore
I’m particularly fond of this necklace as I have been wanting a chunky red one for a couple of years now. I remember being in Thailand in 2008 and finding many necklaces in the markets that were lovely and inexpensive. I showed one to Ben that I was about to buy and he was horrified at the fact I was about to buy red coral. I had no idea but apparently red coral is often harvested using destructive methods and, because it is slow-growing, their populations are in significant decline. Anyhow, at $15 this one is clearly fake but I think it’s fabulous 🙂


  1. I know this dress! Was it for my wedding? I love this blog series! Pics look great so far! I never though I'd like the denim – but I honestly do. The pink and the pig tails help make it cheerful. Lookin Good Jenn!


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