Friday 5

While I sort of like my series of Dressember posts, I feel like I want to write something else in the blogosphere today. So I wandered over to to see what they were suggesting. Today’s questions were about rain and I just couldn’t deal with that (I had enough rain in Vancouver and now, when it’s -20C out, I just can’t even pretend to be interested in rain) so I went back a couple of weeks to use their “Literal Figurative” topic.

1. Do you prefer to be in the driver’s seat or in the co-pilot’s chair, literally and figuratively?

Probably in the driver’s seat for both, although I often prefer to have Ben drive the car. But if Ben’s not driving, I’m all over being pilot in command. And why is it that in heterosexual couples it seems like the guy is often the driver? I kinda hate that and yet I perpetuate it sometimes.

2. Do you have a lot of baggage, literally and figuratively?

No and no. Although I did end up with this massive duffel bag from TransRockies which I took on my most recent trip.

3. How much junk have you got in the trunk, literally and figuratively?

I don’t think I would call it junk, per se and there’s not that much of it.

4. At celebrations where people are drinking, are you more likely to be literally or figuratively drunk as a skunk?

Is it lame to say literally drunk? I mean, how is one figuratively drunk as a skunk anyhow?
5. What’s something you enjoy that’s literally cheesy, and what’s something you enjoy that’s figuratively cheesy?

Oh gawd I adore cheese in pretty much every format possible. I don’t think there is such a thing as cheese that I wouldn’t enjoy (literally and, to a lesser degree, figuratively). I love a good mac and cheese and I really like Air Supply. Yup. Cheesy.



  1. What I meant by number 4: we have this cliche “drunk as a skunk,” but skunks don't actually get drunk, as far as I know. So if you're the sort to get plastered, you're more likely to get figuratively drunk as a skunk, since it's in that figurative sense that the phrase is used. However, if you are more likely to be temperate, or more likely to be the designated driver, you'd be more likely to be literally drunk as a skunk, since skunks don't get drunk.

    It was a silly question, I know, but I didn't want you to think I was an idiot. 🙂

    Thanks for participating!


  2. Hey – thanks for the clarification. I didn't really think of it that way, but it was fun nevertheless (and I suppose that means that I am only figuratively drunk as a skunk after all).


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