#15 out of 31 Dresses

10:04 sunrise

15:47 sunset
Another day for outerwear/innerwear (what is the opposite of outerwear?) shots. These were taken at -19C today. It’s hard to stand out there without a coat on in those temperatures!

Parka – My original Yukon Parka – pink outershell, red wool liner. I’m doing a presentation tonight at Heritage After Hours about some of the treasures in the Yukon Archives and I am going to bring up the corporate records of the company that made these coats in the 1980s and 1990s.

I am in such desperate need of a hair cut – blergh. And today’s outfit looks better in real life than in this photo which is kinda dark and doesn’t show the colours very well. Not sure how to fix that since I am already making an effort to be outside to take photos.

Boots – Pleather, brown and a few years old
Burgundy Tights – Superstore (where else)
Dress – Ann Taylor
Shirt – Thrifted and gifted to me. It is marked 1972 on an inside hem which I adore. I think that’s why I like old/vintage clothing. These old clothes are like old records in how they tell us something about the past.

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