#17 out of 31 Dresses

10:06 sunrise
15:47 sunset
By the way, this is what (almost) sunrise looks like. Took this on my way over to the college bookstore to grab a coffee this morning at 9:35am. Kinda pretty, no?

And since it was -30C today, I most definitely did not take an outside photo for Dressember. Once again the horrid pink walls of my work space are on display.
Boots – Hush Puppies
Tights – 2 layers, one black, one red and black fishnets (that I bought for a vampire costume a couple of years ago). I felt the need for a detailed shot of these, see below.
Skirt – Jacob
Tunic – Winner’s
Sweater – Um, so it’s one of my favourites. Zara.
Necklace – Yukon College bookstore

Anyhow, I am super happy that it’s the weekend. This Dressember routine is wearing thin, to be honest. We have friends from Vancouver coming up for the weekend and with the forecast predicting that temperatures stay in the -30C/-22F range for the next little while, I am not sure we will be exiting the house.

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