#20 out of 31 Dresses

10:09 sunrise

15:47 sunset
The solstice is just about here and the days are not getting any warmer. It was -36C when I left for work this morning (-33F) which is fully in the “not very pleasant” range of both the Celsius and the Fahrenheit scale. Hence: an indoor photo. We are off to see the Longest Night performance at the Arts Centre later tonight. I thought about dressing up for it but it’s hard to be fancy and warm at the same time.

Boots – Hush Puppies

Socks – Smart Wool
Tights – Superstore
Dress – Etsy (totally cozy wool knit)
Shirt – Target


  1. I agree, I love the texture of that dress! Looks really good with the black too. Nice way to bring more sun to the shortest day of the year. You certainly have short, cold days, that would be interesting to experience at some point.


  2. Ouch, I'd say that's in the extremely uncomfortable range of both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Good temps for a wool dress, and although very cute, I'd probably be scraping the December Dresses altogether in favor of a puffy coat and pants.


  3. Ha ha – thanks Jill. It's all about the wool. This dress actually feels more like I imagine a snuggie would feel (comfy and warm). I do, however, come to work wearing a puffy coat and ski pants on the outside.

    And thanks Maven/MadamOwl – dressembering right on with you!


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