#24 out of 31 Dresses

10:11 sunrise

15:50 sunset
This beauty arrived today from my favourite Etsy seller, Small Earth Vintage. I am bummed that I didn’t manage to get a photo in natural light. When I wear it next I’ll take a halfway decent wardrobe remix photo. I’m including a photo from the etsy listing just so you can see the dress a bit better.
I’m wearing it over jeans for a couple of reasons: (1) Because I’m often cold at Sierra and Tony’s place and (2) Because I honestly couldn’t decide what colour tights or what shoes I’d wear with it. On the second point – input please!



  1. Yay! Dress on a real, beautiful human body and not the dress form = great happiness for the seller! 🙂 You look fantastic. My thoughts on tights color (and this is *before* I clicked and saw Maven's comments) were black (because black goes with everything, and the dress looks good with your dark jeans) or red. Maybe even a mustard-y yellow.


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