2010 in Review

I wasn’t feeling particularly nostalgic about 2010 until Sierra started talking to me last night about new years, new beginnings and celebrating what lies ahead. All day today I have been going over what the past 365 days have been like for me and I have to say – pretty damn good. I have really had a fantastic year in 2010.
I tried out a few new things: alpine ski patrol at Mt Sima and teaching at the college. The former was a greater success than the latter but hey – you never know what you’ll be good at unless you try, right?

This year was full of some great vacations too. They weren’t necessarily all that adventurous, but they were relaxing and a lot of fun. Ben and I went to Hawaii in January, my mom and I travelled to Nassau in April and a gaggle of girlfriends went on bikecation to Colorado and Utah in October. Pretty good stuff.
Our house has moved from being primarily a construction zone to a primary residence this year too. Sure, the kitchen still looks like crap and there are lots of little things to do, but our living space is wonderful and just being home feels fantastic.

I suppose 2010 will be remembered as the year of my bike. I not only got a new, amazing ride (aka Bea) but I also spent many, many hours cruising the trails around Whitehorse with friends. Even with all of the training Sierra and I did for TransRockies I didn’t get sick of mountain biking.

And yeah, then there was TransRockies. For better or worse it was a crazy experience and one that I certainly am not soon to forget. Forgetting is just for the bad bits 🙂
I feel too that cycling has brought me together with just an amazing group of women this year and while I am not exactly sure how it happened I am sure glad that it did. Our twice weekly spinning sessions have become a sort of therapy and I feel so lucky to know these women. They have rounded out my life here in Whitehorse (and they help keep me fit!).
And I suppose I really shouldn’t overlook my work life this year. I am now a permanent government employee with a lifestyle and position that surely hearkens back to the 1970s (ie: good benefits, secure, good pay, etc). I have a great boss, good colleagues and I work doing something that I genuinely enjoy. Pretty lucky.

And looking ahead to next year, how can things not look promising? My life right now seems to have settled into a happy state with good friends, a great spouse and lots of riches (employment, my house, travel and things to do). In the next week I will have a new nephew (although that brings with it some angst as my sister and I aren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment) and I will probably spend much of the year contemplating, on and off, whether Ben and I too should try to have kids (correction: a kid). But these “issues” are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things. So I will perhaps spend the first few days of this new year thinking about what I want to challenge myself with, what I want to learn in 2011. Ben turns 40 in January (!) which is surely another life landmark that causes one to stop and take account of how life is going. We are celebrating by going to Tokyo for a week with friends, one of whom is also turning 40 next month. Can’t wait. What a great way to kick off a new year!

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