Opera and Preparing for Travel

10:04 sunrise

16:10 sunset
Look! The sun is now setting after 4pm instead of before! The light is indeed returning (although it’s not super noticeable yet).
So, yesterday Ben turned 40. I don’t think either of us can really believe it. I know it’s just a number and nothing has really changed, but it’s a number that we have both taken note of I guess.
I gave Ben a few presents, two of which I get to enjoy as well. The first of these was today’s trip to see the opera La Fanciulla del West at the MET. Well, not exactly at the MET. This year the Yukon Arts Centre is showing the performances live in HD. Ben has always loved opera and several of our dates when we first met were to operas in Toronto and we saw The Marriage of Figaro in Paris on our honeymoon (which I have to say, was a super awesome experience). But the genre is more his thing than mine so imagine my surprise when I thoroughly enjoyed today’s performance! I’m not sure that I adored the score, but I really, really enjoyed watching Deborah Voigt. And the set with all of its details (labels on whiskey bottles, the handwritten letters) was very impressive.
(Photo from timesunion.com)
Anyhow, it definitely renewed my enthusiasm for opera, which is kinda cool.
Aside from that it’s been a quiet Saturday. I took the dog for a walk since it was gorgeous and sunny out and then we lazed for a good hour or so by the fire.

This week Ben and I need to get organized for Japan! We leave for Vancouver on Friday and Tokyo Saturday!! It’s going to be a bit of a ridiculous (in a good way we hope) trip. If any of you have been to Japan and have any suggestions – bring them on! If I can, I hope to blog while overseas but I’m not sure I’ll have the ability or the time. Regardless, I’ll for sure update once I am home.



  1. You know, I still haven't seen any of the HD theater broadcasts. How dumb! And cool/weird that you got to see Fanciulla–I've seen it many times because it was one of the shows being performed my first summer with a CO opera festival, but because there's no women's chorus I didn't have to perform in it. Did you notice all the bits that Andrew Lloyd Weber ripped off from the score?

    Yay for the return of light (I'm just barely noticing it here too) and Happy Birthday to Ben!


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