My Mukluk

9:24 sunrise
17:03 sunset
Look what I brought home yesterday 🙂

Well, technically I didn’t actually bring the bike home. I left it with its co-owner.
When Jill first mentioned riding the Mukluk at Interbike I was intrigued. She even said she had a little crush on the Mukluk! But what kept rolling around in my head was this: “I love my Pugsley, but I have to admit that Salsa made several big improvements with the Mukluk. For starters, I can actually maneuver this bike without feeling like I’m trying to steer a tractor.” In a strange coincidence of timing I then started surfing to learn more about this bike and whether or not I could buy one in Canada. To my surprise, one of our local bike shops had made an order! It was September and our Yukon weather had already taken a turn towards winter. I wondered if maybe this was my year for a snow bike.
Long story short, I kept popping back in to this LBS and I expressed my interest in taking a look at the Mukluk. The bike shop very kindly said it would hold on to one for me and I could test ride both the small and the xs frame to see if one would work for me. The delivery schedule ended up taking a little longer than anticipated but they finally arrived in the Yukon in early January. By this point I had decided that I really, really wanted one. However, I also had become aware that I really, really couldn’t afford one.
Enter the Fat Tire Ballerinas and more specifically, Niki. Fat Tire Ballerinas is the name that our friend Kate came up with to describe her hoped for Yukon group of women who would ride snow bikes. Sierra liked the name so much that’s what we called our TransRockies team this summer. Anyhow, this year a few more women have purchased snow bikes and a few more of us have been borrowing them to go on group rides. The Yukon community of cyclists (male and female) has been super generous with their snow bikes. Everyone who owns one seems to be willing to share so that others can experience the joy of riding a fat tire bike on snow. I started to think of the FTBs as a sort of bike collective. I even sort of dug the political idea behind group bike ownership. I wondered if perhaps I could own just half of a snow bike. It sure would make buying one more financially possible. This is where Niki comes in. She too liked this idea of sharing a bike this winter. We figured that we could make it work and, next winter, if we both love it and want to spend more time on a snow bike, we can do the same thing again and the person who gets the newer bike pays just a little bit extra. And, if we don’t love it, we can continue to share and offer up another bike to the FTB “stable.” We’ll just always have first dibs.
So, on Saturday we went down to the LBS, rode the small and the extra-small frames and – ta-dah! – came home with one xs Salsa Mukluk, serial #19.
If you can’t tell, I’m excited. We’re thinking of calling him “El Frio” but that’s still up for debate.


  1. Yeah! So happy for you two (three)! Much fun awaits you this winter. And I think you should definitely ride the Susitna 100 next winter.

    Anthony once had an idea for a 100-mile-ish ride from Whitehorse to Haines Junction on winter trails. Is that still a possibility? I'd love to come up for something like that next year.


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