Polyester Disco Karaoke & Martinis

8:48 sunrise

17:41 sunset
There’s just something about how life is lived here in Whitehorse. I mean, maybe it’s the people I hang out with, but I think it’s broader than that. I think the attitude extends to much of the town. Last night we went to a “Polyester Disco Karaoke Martini Party.” People showed up in a wide range of polyester and otherwise unflattering or uncomfortable clothes and everyone acted as if this was just another night out in Whitehorse. Which it was. Which is the super cool and yet sorta weird part. Guests wandered in and out of the host’s bedroom and would come out wearing one of her polyester articles of clothing. I’m wearing one of her dresses in the photo below and then you can see it on someone else in the photo that follows. Note the guy behind me wearing a Hawaiian maxi dress. I also can’t believe that I convinced Ben to wear one of my polyester shirts. I think it’s actually kinda cute on him!

Men wore dresses, women too, people sang karaoke (often badly) and drinks were served. Just another night north of 60 I guess. But I love it. Something about this community feels very free or unedited.
It’s not in-your-face weirdness either. It just is. I can’t really explain it; I can only show it to you through these little glimpses from my camera.



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