Hair like a rat’s nest

8:39 sunrise

17:50 sunset
Does anyone else have hair that does this in the morning?

I mean look at that. It’s ridiculous. It’s really bad if I go to sleep when it’s still wet, but this beauty was the result of a sleep on perfectly dry hair. I’m tiring of this since it requires attention in the morning and I hate spending time getting ready for work. I’m not convinced I am yet ready for short short hair, but I may be getting closer to that decision.



  1. Ha ha that IS nesty. My hair doesn't get too messy, when it is long enough I usually sleep with it twisted in a bun or braided.

    I had short short hair twice and I just don't know if I could ever go back to that. You probably have a better face/head for it than I do. It WAS easy maintenance though, that's for sure.


  2. Oh maven – that made me laugh!

    Karen – the issue with getting my hair wet in the mornig is (a) time [I really don't do well with taking time before I go to work] and [b] the cold here. This morning is was -34C when I left the house and so wet hair is a no-go and a hat is a must. So dry hair is pretty much a requirement. BUT, you are right – product would help 🙂


  3. every. single. day.

    my hair is naturally curly, and sometimes the curls just feel like doing something exceptionally awkward. Sometimes I wake up with half of my head straight, and half afro (don't ask me how it happens). Bangs are the bane of my existence as I have major cowlicks above both temples, but at least they hide the worry wrinkles on my forehead. This, my friend, is why they invented cute hats.


  4. Hahaha! I have the same problem as you Jenn! I cannot go to sleep with wet hair if I want to do anything the next morning! When I want to have a bath at night I have three decisions to make (1) will I have time to blow dry my hair when I get out and if not (2) do I have to go anywhere in the morning?? (3) and if I go to sleep with wet hair and have to go somewhere in the am will I have time to shower or wet and redo my hair??


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