Winter Light

8:28 sunrise
18:00 sunset
The winter light has been pretty awesome the last week or so. We experienced some northern lights on Thursday night (not a glorious display due to the full moon, but pretty cool nonetheless).

Friday’s sunrise too was beautiful. This is the view from one of our upstairs bedrooms/the office. I didn’t punch the saturation on this photo or anything.

And today, Sunday, it is sunny and gorgeous out! There were even birds chirping outside my bedroom window. I’d say it’s a sign of spring, but that is a pretty cruel word when it’s still -17C outside.


  1. Jennoit! I randomly stumbled across a comment of yours when reading an old post of Jill's (while researching a possible trip to Skoki some time soon). Clicking through it didn't take long to confirm you were the flickr Jennoit…

    I'm very jealous of your aurora too, I'll have to get further north one winter. Or just keep hoping for some strong solar activity.


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