More Meme’ing

8:16 sunrise
18:11 sunset

Thursday night, tomorrow’s a holiday (yay for Heritage Day), and I am sitting in front of the fireplace drinking red wine, listening to Ron Sexsmith. Lovely. It’s -20C outside (why the hell isn’t it warming up yet?!?) but cozy inside.

Tonight we’re playing FINISH THAT SENTENCE… brought to you by other blogs I have wandered through tonight.

Maybe I should… go to bed. It’s getting late and I could do with the extra sleep.

I love… many things. My dog, white wine, cheese, bicycles, my house, vacations, Ben, people who *engage* with the world. Not necessarily in that order 🙂

People would say that I’m…all about the shades of grey. I know this because it was a topic for discussion at spinning on Tuesday. I find this rather interesting since I consider myself to be an often judgmental, opinionated kind of person. But I suppose one can still see all sides to an argument and remain a disapproving bitch, eh?

When I wake up in the morning…I almost never want to get out of bed. Even on weekends or days when I don’t have to go to work my first desire is to roll over and catch some more zzz’s. Exceptions to this rule are waking up to catch a flight (especially if it’s to somewhere interesting!) and often on vacation. Then I want to get up and get out and see the world!

Life is… partly what you have been dealt and partly what you make of it. In my case, life is a pretty good these days.

My past is… not all that interesting. White and fairly middle-class.

I get annoyed when… people don’t listen. I don’t mean listen as in “agree with” me I mean literally listen. I hate when you can tell that someone isn’t paying attention to a conversation.

Parties are… usually a lot of fun. I love an excuse for a theme party! There are rumblings that this summer someone in my circle of friends is going to host a Jersey Shore party. I need costume help readers (all 3 of you…)!

I wish… Ben didn’t have to do his pltc (practical law training course) in Vancouver. I don’t do living alone all that well. I miss him.

Dogs… are smarter than babies. At least, for the first few months 🙂

Cats… have never been my thing. They make me sneeze. But I’m always a softie for people’s pets.

Tomorrow… is a holiday! I plan to check out the Rendezvous activities around town and I have a snow bike ride planned!

If I had a million dollars… I’d pay off my debts (car, house, consumer) and then I’d put it away and pay myself a monthly dividend. Not exactly an exciting answer, is it?

For those of you looking for a blog post option – play on! And leave me a note to let me know you posted.


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