Mingus’ new bed

8:07 sunrise

18:19 sunset
Bought Mr. Mingus a new bed today and I didn’t even get a chance to put it in his corner before he plunked down on it. This is in the middle of the living room floor, smack in front of the fireplace, where I dropped the bed after dragging it in from the car. He hasn’t moved in nearly 4 hours.
Cute though 🙂



  1. Keifer is also a fan of the double decker bed and ever since our carpet went bye bye in favour of wood floors he's like a new born pony EVERY DAY. I don't think he'll ever forgive us, not even if we gave him a triple decker bed. You'd think he would try to adapt his cornering style after a few weeks, but no. Yay for you Mingus! We miss you.


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