5 things to end my weekend

7:46 sunrise
18:37 sunset
It was a good weekend but oh! too short. Random things in a list of 5:
1. My new glasses arrived! It’s always a bit hard to tell if I like a new pair of glasses or not for the first few days, but I am pretty in love with the teal inside colour of this pair. They remind me a bit too much of something I would have worn in high school (the striped shirt probably isn’t helping that) but overall I am quite happy with these. I’m especially happy with the price ($68 including my lenses!).

2. It was sunny most of the weekend! Still cold overnight (like -25C) but today was absolutely beautiful.
3. Ben was here after his first 3 weeks of pltc in Vancouver. Yay! We caught up on important tv watching (last 3 episodes of 30 Rock, last 2 episodes of Glee), went for a bike ride with Mingus, ate breakfasts with friends, and napped on the couch in the sun (see #2).

4. Have you heard of the band Mumford & Sons? I’m probably the last person on the planet to not be familiar with them (although I had heard the song “The Cave” on CBC radio 2 drive) since they were nominated for a Grammy and they won a Brit award for best album this year. Oops, where have I been?! If you’re as out of the loop as I am, listen up. I am loving their Sigh No More album.
5. The jeans I ordered from Old Navy arrived. I am in shock and awe but both pairs (the “Flirt” style at $8.99 and the “Sweetheart” style at $20.99) fit fairly well. The waist is indeed too big but they fit my legs halfway decently and I think they look pretty good! I have *never* ordered a pair of pants online and thought it was kind of crazy to do so with jeans but with return shipping being free and the actual price of the jeans being so low I figured why the hell not. It was a good gamble.
(Weird shot this one – my legs look skinnier than they are but it’s a better shot of the jeans)
That’s all folks. Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!


  1. Thanks for sharing Mumford and Sons, as well. Looks like I am more behind on what is 'cool' in the music scene!! This is the first I have heard of them.


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