No Confidence

7:47 sunrise

20:25 sunset
Well, it’s Friday and Ben will be home in 2 hours for the weekend, yay!
Also on today’s news roll is the fact that we can expect a non-confidence vote to be taken in the House of Commons later this morning. What does that mean? It means the government will be defeated and we’re headed for a federal election. I’m upset, angry and embarrassed by our current government who has been found in contempt of Parliament (a first ever!), and the fact that several members of the Conservative caucus have been charged with electoral fraud. And don’t even get me started about the majority of our current government’s philosophy and pieces of legislation. I am late for work but I will just quickly mention their anti-crime bill (build more jails and incarcerate more people) and the Climate Change Accountability Act which they killed in the Senate even though it was passed by the House of Commons. It’s pathetic, really.
I am not confident that we will have a new PM come May (or whenever the election is) but I can hope.

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