It takes some time to get from Whitehorse to Ottawa. I mean, I’ve made the trip before but for some reason today seemed to take forever. Could be that I had a 6:40am flight out of Whitehorse and then had to stop in both Vancouver and Toronto before finally getting in to the capital city.

The good bits: sunrise was pretty and all of my flights went smoothly and Air Canada staff were all pleasant! I met Amanda from way back wardrobe_remix days and we ate Thai for dinner. Yum! She is indeed as lovely in person as you imagine her to be.
The bad bits: I have a 8:30am meeting tomorrow which will feel like 5:30am due to the time change and yet I am still up past midnight (local).
The hopeful: If we finish our meetings at a reasonable hour tomorrow I hope to get to the National Gallery for an hour or two. That, and I want to try and buy some mustard coloured tights. It’s an adventure getting out of the ‘horse dontcha know!


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