Pisgah Voting Starts Anew

6:07 sunrise
21:49 sunset

Attention, your attention please! A newsflash has this moment arrived from the North Carolina front. Our cyclist, in Maui, has just won a glorious victory.

Okay, so that was my lame attempt at George Orwell. I haven’t actually won squat. Yet. But you can still help me get there. Due to some problems with the survey tool used to calculate votes for the winner of a free entry into the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race, the organizers have switched to Facebook to calculate the results. So all votes that were cast, over at the survey monkey website, have been rendered null and void as of this morning.
Now you can see just where everyone in the contest stands and, the bad news is, I am not winning. Actually, it’s not even close. Please help change that by voting for me. Look how happy I am when biking is involved!

Thanks to Paul Gowdie for one of my favourite bike shots. Click on it for maximum happy goodness.
My profile is here.
And you vote, here.

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