Maui Redux

So yeah, this post is basically a lot of photographs from our recent trip. If you’re into that, cool, if not – move along, nothing to read here.
I still love the island of Maui. Ben and I re-confirmed that it is our go-to place to relax and rejuvenate. Here’s why:
The islands are something like 3500km from the mainland. The air smells fantastic and there is something awfully romantic about being out in the middle of the Pacific. I took this on our decent into Kahului at around 6:30pm.

We make and drink tasty pina coladas. I know I talk a lot about blended drinks on our vacations but these, with fresh pineapple tossed into the blender, just taste really damn good after a day out in the sun. And we drink these beverages in cute accommodations in real neighbourhoods rather than in big hotels or condos on the beach. It feels like a second home.

The water is warm and the beaches are beautiful.

When the beaches aren’t beautiful, the shoreline is still spectacular due to the volcanic rock and the lush green everywhere.
The light, when the sun sets, is magnificent. I can’t say that it is better than our northern light, here in the Yukon, but Maui light is warm and it bathes everything in soft, soothing shades. I haven’t retouched this photo of Ben at all – look at the colours on the mountains behind him!
The sunsets are beautiful, too. This was was taken at the airport as we dropped our car off before getting on to our flight home.
Basically Maui is beautiful and relaxing and we always return home feeling rejuvented and happy. Can’t beat that.

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