‘Tis the Season

5:55 sunrise
22:00 sunset
For outdoor riding that is. Correction: for outdoor riding on dirt.
I finally made it out for my first mountain bike ride of the season yesterday. Paula and I rode the Yukon River Trail and, aside from a few mucky/snowy patches in the trees, it was bone dry.

I have already started added to my collection of leg bruises that got an early season start due to surfing in Maui. Two were added yesterday thanks to an almost patented Jenn-biff which involves tipping over (while still clipped in) on a hill that is just a little bit too steep for me to be able make it to the top while pedaling. At least I got to see my first crocuses of the season up close and personal.
Today I took to the road to try out my friend Niki‘s singlespeed. It was my first time on a bike without gears (I mean, with only one gear) and I have to say…I’m not sure I get it. I’m sure a single-speeder somewhere can explain the attraction to me. That said, it was really nice to be able to go for a quick spin on the road today. (Ugh – my legs are still a little sunburned from our vacay).
In Blogger Battle news my sister Andrea has been doing some awesome work on my behalf by harassing all of her facebook contacts to vote for me. Andy – thanks, I really appreciate it! I’m still in 4th place though and the three riders ahead of me are crushing me with their numbers. So please help me out – vote here. Thank-you!

And just one last comment before I spend the rest of the day doing boring weekend errands: sunset is now 10pm. Yeehaw – manic season is here!


  1. Singlespeed road biking is pointless.

    Fixed gear, OTOH, I can explain… It's a simple connection between you and the bike. Road goes up, you pedal harder. Road goes down, you pedal faster. You want to slow down, pedal slower.

    Flip that wheel around next time…


  2. I cannot imagine how I would have climbed up ANY hills had that bike been in fixie mode. It was hard enough not being able to sit and spin my way up Hamilton Blvd. But okay, I trust you Tony, I'll try anything once.


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