Conservatives Poach the Yukon

5:52 sunrise
10:05 sunset

I’m actually so sad and angry about the results of tonight’s election that I can’t write much about it. This blog post title was Ben’s idea for a Yukon News headline. Our new MP has indeed broken rules in the past. Here’s the Supreme Court judgement should you want to read it. I cannot believe that Canada decided to give Harper a majority. But they did. I feel like I am living in the US circa 2004. If I am to take heart, perhaps I can hope that Canadians are simply a decade behind the States in their politics and, in 4-5 more years, we will elect a party and a Prime Minister who is as inspiring and brilliant as President Obama. Until then, I have to ignore a lot of the news.

We marked election night with an election-themed hash run. Three of the four candidates’ after parties were being held downtown so we ran a route that dropped in to each of them. It was a fun idea but since the conservative majority was assured even before we dropped in to the first party, the festivities were pretty muted. The conservative party HQ was up at Mt Mac (too far to run) and really, it would have been the most entertaining to crash.
Me and Land being sad at Liberal HQ:

And then, as if to add insult to injury, when I came home at lunch today look what was waiting for me in the mailbox: the 2011 census. Not the long form census, of course, since it makes perfect sense to cancel a tool that was essential to business, researchers, planning and good public policy. Nah, this is a voluntary survey the methodology of which has never been tested. A perfect reminder of what I fear the next 4 years will bring. Awesome.


  1. Wait…what? Don't say you're behind the US politically or *I* will lose heart. I always feel Canada is so much more progressive than we are! (And sorry, by the way, about the elections results. US circa 2004 was an incredibly depressing time and place.) I am, in the main, an Obama supporter, but the rise of the Tea Party here in the States makes me seriously wonder about the direction of the country. But anyway…

    They cancelled your long form census?! Yeesh. A worked for the census here last year, which was interesting, to say the least.


  2. Yes, I think we may be riding the conservative wave a few years behind you folks in the USA. I do think that a lot of Canada's social institutions *are* progressive and I am quite concerned about what is going to happen to them during this next parliament.

    Yeah, the Tea Party. It would be funny if it weren't real.


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