Snow in May…again

5:23 sunrise
22:30 sunset
I know that I live in a northerly place. I know we have the potential for frost into mid-June sometime. I know that last year we had snow for one day in May and two summers ago it snowed in June. I don’t care. I am not impressed. This was my backyard last night after work. There has been snow on the ground for three days now. Three. If we are lucky, today it will melt since it’s going up to a balmy 7C.

I could bitch about how the snow on the trails is compromising my ability to train for the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race but let’s be honest – I’m unlikely to win the blogger contest. It’s straight up who gets the most votes, top 2 get in. I’m currently in 4th place and have been for awhile. That may not sound so bad but I am 240 votes behind third place, never mind second.

I won’t throw in the towel just yet, but I am in desperate need of some votes. Maybe it’s a good thing – the guys ahead of me all seem to do this bike thing on a pretty serious basis. I, on the other hand, would offer a potentially last place finish, some estrogen on the trails, and entertaining blog posts with lots and lots of photos. Oh – and I’d bring snacks on the course. I’m good at that. Trifle anyone? Leftover reuben sandwich? Sierra taught me how to be bonk-free while riding. So, if having me at Pisgah sounds as cool to you as it does to me – please, go here and vote. And get your friends to vote too. You need a facebook account, but that’s it. I’ve got until the end of the month to try and figure out how to win this thing.



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