Solstice Ride

4:28 sunrise

23:37 sunset
Last year Sierra, Julie and I biked up Grey Mountain and drank a bottle of champagne to celebrate the solstice. It was awesome.
This year, Sierra was sick and it was raining. Julie and I also had a meeting to attend that didn’t wrap up until 8:30pm or so. But – come on – it’s the solstice. We had to ride and enjoy the glory of 19+ hours of the sun being above the horizon.
So while Julie and I didn’t manage to do the full Grey Mountain climb, we did get out on our bikes for a tour of the Whitehorse trails. Here’s what happened:
We left at 9:40pm with plenty of light in the sky but also lots of cloud.

There were lots of pretty flowers to admire on the trails. The crocuses are gone but in their place are these gorgeous purplish-blue flowers. Can anyone identify them for me?

The mosquitos were seriously fierce. Like really bad. This is my calf. Note the one at the top of the photo, filling herself up with my blood. Really. Click on the photo if you need to see the redness a bit better.

Even with the clouds, downtown Whitehorse looks pretty great at 10:30pm.

Based on last year’s silly Charles Angels poses we decided to set my camera up and see what quirky shots we could get this year. Little did I anticipate the elbow to the head….

It was, however, the humourous high-point of the night.
And as our shorter-than-last-year-but-still-fun solstice ride came to and end around 11pm, the sun broke through the clouds for a few minutes. Perfect.

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