24 Hours of Light 2011

4:32 sunrise
23:35 sunset
It’s been a busy few days. Last weekend was the 11th annual and my 5th experience with the 24 Hours of Light mountain biking festival. It was a beautiful weekend (temperatures even got as warm as 26C) and while the festival seemed a little mellower than usual, it was still a great time. Our four-woman team (Crank-o-saurus) dressed up as, yes you guess it, dinosaurs. I even borrowed a blow up costume from a friend. Didn’t even know these things existed but my life will not be complete without one of my own. So. Much. Fun!
So without further ado, here are some photos from the event.
Julie gets Wendy into her dinosaur arm-warmers. These were promptly removed since it was so sunny and warm.

Camp. Beer. Friends. Bikes.

Wendy and Julie on a relaxing lap around the 12.5km course.

Me. Blowup dinosaur costume. Cider. Hilarity.

A very poorly timed jumping shot on the ridge at around 10:30pm.

Pretty torchlight around midnight.

Tents after midnight.

So yes, all in all, another great year.

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