Bike Biathlon

4:40 sunrise

23:23 sunset
How can you make biking even more fun? Add rifles!

Tonight I tried out the sport of biathlon. Yes, this is usually done on skis but the local club offered it up as a biking event. Super fun. I had never before touched a gun. They are kinda scary. But then you get more used to them (this is probably a negative thing overall for society but I digress…).
First, we practiced shooting:

Then we were ready to go!

After having a bit of an orientation, we raced off to do a 2km lap, shoot at 5 targets from a prone position, race another 2km, shoot at another 5 targets, then race the last 2km. Every time you missed one of your targets you had to do a penalty lap. Thankfully this penalty lap was only about 100m although, had it been the full 2km over again, I might have won the race. I actually hit all 10 of my targets so I was very impressed with myself. It allowed me to finish ahead of a whole bunch of people who all ride bikes faster than I do. But, when you make fast people ride extra distance, it’s amazing how the end can turn out!

At any rate, LOTS of fun. I highly recommend checking out the sport of biathlon. Not sure how I would feel about it on skis in the winter but on bikes in the summer?! Fabbo.

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