Just another awesome vintage dress

5:35 sunrise
22:38 sunset
Well, it’s August. Here in Whitehorse, it’s the first month of fall. Or at least of “finter.” Right now the weather is still fine (not great, just fine) but I am so aware that soon the fall colours will be out and our overnight temperatures will be down around 0C.
It is partly because our summer is so short and partly because I am trying to be a good girl and save my pennies for a kitchen renovation, that I haven’t snapped up this awesome rainbow dress from Small Earth Vintage. But, I can share it with you.



  1. Have fun at the Soggy Bottom! It is a fantastically beautiful route of fun, friendly singletrack.

    I rode from Cooper Landing to Hope once in a torrential downpour. Trail conditions weren't that bad — everything was still mostly rideable, albeit quite muddy and splattery. I would recommend considering fenders, both front and back, if you haven't already. Honestly worth the weight just to keep the mud out of your face. Also, check your brake pads before the race, and start out with new ones if you can. When wet, this course has the potential to destory brake pads in just a few dozen miles and it's worth having all the cushion you can. I learned this the hard way.

    Can't wait to hear more about it!


  2. Thanks Jill! We've got fenders but I'm glad to hear that the trail should be rideable regardless of the rain. That word – rideable – still gives me shivers after last year's wet adventure through the rockies.


  3. Ha ha! Yeah, that's still something Keith and I joke about — “It's all middle-ring rideable.”

    But the Res Pass trail does hold up better to moisture. A lot of it is made up of old glacier gravel, so it drains better, and there's no wheel-sucking clay. It will still be softer/slower and more slippery/technical if it rains, especially near Hope where there are a lot of babyhead rocks on the trail. So here's hoping for good weather!


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