Alaska Bound

5:43 sunrise
22:30 sunset
In a few hours we are off to Hope, Alaska for the Soggy Bottom 100. I thought I’d post a wardrobe remix style photo of me and some of the stuff I was packing last night.

Shoes – Specialized. More or less destroyed in Trans Rockies last year but they’re really comfy

Socks – Pearl Izumi. Cute but not wool so likely to be replaced with a different pair.
Bag – Vaude 14+3 (referring to litre size of bag and bladder). Full of treats like jelly-bellies and almonds plus some first aid stuff, a multi-tool, tube, pump and of course my camera.
Helmet – Giro.
Knickers – Louis Garneau. New and purchased based on a recommendation for comfy women’s bike shorts in Outside magazine. I’ll letcha know.
Shirt – MEC. Wool
Gloves – Kona. Worn but still my comfiest pair.
Glasses – Oakley. Not all that stylish but great lenses and they vent well.
What you don’t see in this photos is my new PVC rain coat which I am hoping will save me from the rain that (right now) is being forecast at 50% likely.
It has been raining in Hope all week and as Tim Woody so eloquently put it, “looks like this year’s Soggy Bottom 100 will have bottomless sogginess.” I am fully preparing myself for a rainy, wet, slow ride on Saturday but I am hoping, hoping, HOPING that it might not rain and that I might get to check out some of the beautiful terrain in this part of Alaska. Wish me luck and I’ll be back with a report (or at least lots of photos) next week.

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