Food, Not Running and Bike Rides

6:52 sunrise
21:08 sunset

Today I have eaten:

2 bowls of cereal (one was granola) with milk
1 bagel with cheese and tomato
1 apple
1 apricot
a handful of almonds
couple of chunks of Oka cheese
2 hard boiled eggs
1 Reeces peanut butter cup
1 cup of coffee
1/2 a glass of red wine

I’m thinking this is not exactly a well-rounded diet.  Just wanted to mention it.  See what it looked like when I wrote it down. On twitter, Jill Homer mentioned writing a “How to Eat Without Cooking” book. Looks like I could be a target customer.  But I did boil those eggs.  Or at least, Ben did.

In other breaking news, I’ve given up on running.  I mean, I still have to suffer through the KRR next weekend but after that, running and I are breaking up.  Not that we were ever that close, mind you, but it’s over.  I ran 15km last weekend and my left knee was killing me after about 7km.  Looks like it’s probably my IT band (and the fact that I never stretch and then go from jogging the occasional 5km into experimenting with distances 3 times as far).  My plan now is to stretch regularly, get a massage tomorrow, and rest until next Saturday.   Thanks so very much to all of you for running music ideas!  I have downloaded several of your suggestions and I always like to hear what other peeps are into.

So since running and I have split up, I went for a bike ride.

Spectacularly beautiful tonight!!

And this weekend we are off to Vancouver to visit with friends.  I am hoping for warm temperatures, a little bit of city dining, and cocktails on a patio.  See you next week.


  1. I would send flowers, but you wont be home so I'll just say sorry about the breakup, but sounds like it was sorta amicable…you know like JLo and Marc Anthony. Have fun in Van…its gonna be a spectacular September Long weekend !!!


  2. Your sore knees might be the fault of your shoes. Believe it or not, most running shoes are not well-designed for running (they encourage heel-strike, which stresses the knees). Let me know if you want me to take a gander at your shoes. Long-distance running should be FUN!


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