Klondike Road Relay #5 in the books

7:14 sunrise
 20:40 sunset

Well, another Klondike Road Relay completed.  Phew!  I’m still of the mind the running does not deserve my time or attention but I am insanely thankful that my 20k leg 8 went better than expected this morning.  I was super worried that if my knee (IT band/hamstring/fibula?) acted up I would have to walk and I could take as long as 2:40 to finish.  Now, we are anything but a competitive team but still, it sucks to feel you can’t even run because your body hurts.

So I managed a consistent pace and while it hurt (I could feel my hip flexors shouting at me early, around km 7) it wasn’t unmanagemable.  I trudged along and, surprisingly, crossed the line in my hunting-themed tshirt (our team was named the “Long-gun Registry Memorial Runners”) in 2:03.  Seriously – that was way better than I had hoped.  I’m not claiming to be some stellar running athlete (no, those folks sprinted past me on a pretty regular basis) but I can genuinely say I was pleased with my time – especially given my lack of focused preparation.

Now that I have stopped moving, however, there has been time to let my hip flexors really stiffen up and my knee is throbbing.  I also have a ginormous blister on one of my big toes that is giving me some grief.  Lesson learned: running can be fun but it’s a lot gentler on your body if you actually practice.

It was a gorgeous day to be out on the South Klondike Highway (sun! so much sun!) and apparently the night-time runners were treated to a glorious display of northern lights.

Here’s our team at 6:15 am in Carcross.

Views along the highway as the sun came up:

Carrie near the end of leg 7.

And suddenly – it was daylight!
I think I’m at around the 10km mark here.  I had to give up on the hat as the day warmed up.  Sierra sports it well though.

And now, I am off to the after party for a beer and, legs permitting, some dancing.


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