Annual Mountain Hero Ride

7:34 sunrise
20:15 sunset

If you think that summer is short in the Yukon, fall is downright temporary.  You really have to pay attention or it can pass you by.  So when the Klondike Road Relay came and went and I hadn’t yet ridden Mountain Hero, I figured it wouldn’t happen this year.  But, the weather gods were kind and yesterday dawned reasonably bright and acceptably warm.  A small group of us headed off to Carcross to ride up and over Montana Mountain.

It was, as always, gorgeous.

And we were treated to an abundance of animal life.  And no, I am not talking about those in our group who over-dressed for the climb (for once it wasn’t me!!) and had to ride shirtless for awhile.

On the way to Carcross we saw a mama black bear and two cubs.

During the ride we saw pika, ptarmigan, and caribou!

Sorry, no caribou photo.  They were too far away for a decent snapshot.  And on the way home we watched a grizzly bear stomp up and down beside the road.

All in all a great day.  Here are some of my favourite photos:

The only negative was at the very end of the ride – less than a kilometer to go – Paula took a huge wipeout and scared the bejeesus out of those of us behind her.  Her front wheel veered off the trail and she flew off her bike.  She says she remembers very little of it aside from her face scraping the ground.  When we came upon her she was non-verbal and was wrapped around a tree.  Flashback to my first time on this trail when our friend Tony shattered his elbow and I was afraid this was even worse.  Fortunately, Paula is okay (bruised and very sore) but it reminded me just how much damage can be done when you hurtle down a mountain at 45km/kr.  Mental note.



  1. Awesome pics Jenn! As always you look happy and dirty and Im so happy for you! Gawd , glad your friend is ok!! What are you going to make with those cranberries?


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