A long weekend, thankfully

8:28 sunrise
19:07 sunset

It’s been a good weekend.  We had our lovely friends Hugh and Wendy here for a visit from Vancouver and we made a yummy Thanksgiving dinner.  We ate it on my grandma’s china and used Ben’s parents’ silver.  I made wild rice and mushrooms (a recipe of my grandma’s) and Ben cooked up a turkey.  It was all very delicious.  Strangely, I took no photographs.

Our pals Liz and Ian had an exciting Thanksgiving weekend too.  Liz gave birth to a very cute little boy on Sunday night and we were able to visit them in the hospital today.  Whether you like kids or not, the whole process of people becoming parents, especially the first time, is really cool.  I’m sure the experience of giving birth is, as Liz said, surreal, but for those of us just watching from the outside it’s still pretty exciting.

We also had out first snow of the season on Sunday.  Thankfully, it has melted (as it usually does this time of year) but the temperatures are staying low – daytime highs of only 4C or so.  I think I might put my mountain bike away for the year and pull out my winter Mukluk snow bike.  I’m sure I can still get some xc rides in this month but I want to clean Bea up before I put her away for the season and, to be honest, I think I am ready for winter.  I wouldn’t say excited about winter, but prepared for it.

So, on this holiday Monday I am thankful for what seems sometimes like little things but really, they are the great big things.  I have warm, fun, and loyal friends, a husband who really loves me even when he sometimes doesn’t like himself, a dog who has pretty much stopped biting humans and is awfully cute, a job that I not only like but also pays me well, and a cute, warm house in a perfect neighborhood in the city I love.

Photobooth at Julie & Paul’s wedding (more of these to come!)

 Ben & Mingus

At work with my boss, looking at a trapline map from the 1930s 


I don’t know why it worked out that way for me, but I am thankful it did.


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