Yukon’s Territorial Election

8:33 sunrise
19:01 sunset

I woke up this morning with a 7:30am meeting to attend.  That didn’t help my mood, but really it’s the election results that have me so bummed today.  The Yukon Party won a third term last night and a majority.  Sucks ass. I don’t really have the energy to be depressed about it but I am sad to see what I consider to be a general wave of conservatism creep across the country.  I’m referring not necessarily to the parties in power (although that’s part of it) but more to my sense that the very nature of Canadian society is poised to change.  I am afraid that we are becoming a society that is more concerned about the individual and a lot less about the greater good.

There is one good news story out of last night’s election, however.  My friend and all-around hard-working awesome person Kate White was elected as a first time MLA for the riding of Takhini-Kopper King.  She is an honest and genuinely caring individual and I think she will be a force for good in the Leg for her constituents.  Way to go Kate!  You’re awesome!

Campaigning with Kate (middle) a couple of weeks ago


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