Just about snow bike season

8:40 sunrise
18:52 sunset

This week I put Bea, my mountain bike, away for the winter.  I gave her a  super good clean up and she has been placed into winter storage for the next few months.  I know I could probably get a few more rides in this season but I would rather do a bang up job of cleaning my bike up for the winter and than ride her a few more times and leave her dirty and unloved in my basement for  6 months.

Anyhow, I am now in full possession of El Guapo (my snow bike).  Last year, my friend Niki and I shared the purchase cost of the bike so that we could both enjoy a bit of ride time at a reduced cost.  This year, we bought a second bike, again sharing the cost, and last year’s ride has become mine full-time.

This afternoon I took the “new to me” bike out for a tour of the trails in Hillcrest.  I haven’t been out much, on foot or on bike, the last couple of weeks, and today was an awesome reminder of just how happy being on a bicycle makes me feel.  The snow bike felt weird on the trails – and damn, so heavy – but just being outside made me (and Mingus) happy.

♥ bikes.  Really.



  1. You have a great face in that last photo. Bliss and surprise with just a dash of terror.

    I've started chatting with Sierra about a possible Yukon bike/hut trip in late February. I hope you can come if it works out!


  2. I would for sure be into any sort of snow bike adventure tour this winter, Jill. I've signed up for the Little Su in February as well, with an eye to the full 100 if I get out on the bike enough this winter and am feeling adventurous. Anytime I get to see you would be a treat 🙂


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