Awesome 80s jacket

8:53 sunrise
18:37 sunset

It’s not a vintage dress, but it’s still fabulous.

I bought this jacket in Ontario this summer.  Strangely, my hometown of 1500 people has this really fantastic secondhand/thrift store.  During my visit in June, the store had dozens of really great blazers/jackets.  I only came away with this one.  It’s 100% wool, made in Canada (which you don’t see that often anymore), with this for a label:

I’m assuming this came out of Montreal (given the “création” part of the label and the fact that more than 1/2 of Canada’s garment industry is in Quebec).

The jacket has a pretty serious 80s vibe. The leather piping and shape of the shoulders makes me think Michael Jackson in the Thriller video:

Granted, his jacket sold for 1.8 million bucks and mine cost $20, but hey – the 80s are back.

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