Bathroom paint job

9:06 sunrise
18:23 sunset

When we bought our house in 2009 we knew we would undertake a number of renovations and we have.  But the upstairs bathroom was redone just before we bought the place.  And, for the most part, I like the things that were chosen: white subway tile around the tub, mosaic tile on the floor, a white vanity cabinet, sink and toilet.

But the paint.  It was this awful baby yellow and it was everywhere.  Even the ceiling.  Who paints the ceiling yellow?!  Sorry if I am offending any lovers of yellow paint out there but it’s one of my least favourite shades.

Anyhow, so my project this week was to get rid of it.  But what colour to choose?  I love all the aquamarines and teal shades that make me think of Miami.  Colours like this:

But (a) Ben isn’t crazy about them and (b) I’m not actually convinced that this shades suit the house I live in and it’s location (ie: Whitehorse).  So instead I am going with white.  Yup, plain old boring Cloud White:

This is what it looks like so far (one coat on, one more to go).  And while I think it looks a TON better, I am not 100% sold on the white everywhere idea for my bathroom.  We’ll see how it looks after the towels and shower curtain get put back and once I hang some things on the walls but….. I dunno.

Anyone else out there love or hate the all white idea?  Love to hear from you!  (And yes, I appreciate the irony that while I say I hate yellow I am wearing a giant goldenrod knit dress. Whatever. Who says I can’t be fickle?).



  1. I like white with accessories. Hang a big B&W photo in there and get some colourful accessories… or maybe wood accessories – go for the natural beachy look? I like that too.

    I was afraid you were painting over the red bathroom – I was prepared to be horrified!


  2. I don't mind yellow paint (we have a yellow room, actually:, but it is a VERY difficult color to get right on walls. What looks fine in one light can be disastrous in another. All white certainly gives you a neutral palette to go nuts with accents, if that is your thing. My bathroom's actually all white too and I'm not crazy about it, but it's such a tiny space that it's probably for the best. Also, I loooove the teals. That's what I chose for the hallway (


  3. I also did mine all in white tile then chose sandy walls and white and teal accessories. My new/old Florida house. I love it. White walls like yours would have been beautiful also.


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