Bed Hog, My Dog

9:07 sunrise
16:24 sunset

It’s getting ridiculous.  We used to let Mingus up on the bed occasionally, especially for a morning snuggle.  But he’s got us dialed in now and he sneaks up on the bed sometime during the middle of the night.  He creeps in to our room, pads quietly to Ben’s side of the bed (I am so sure it’s Ben’s side, not mine) and then he jumps up and nestles down between us.  I usually don’t notice he’s there until the morning.

But check this out:

This is what my bed looked like after I crawled out of it this morning.  It’s getting ridiculous – my dog is getting more bed space than I am.  And my sleeping is suffering because of it.  But how do you deter a pet who makes his move while you are asleep?!

At any rate, Mingus will have half the bed to spread out on for the next few days.  I’m off to a grrls weekend in Vancouver to celebrate the bike-wife’s birthday.  See you next week!



  1. Oh, I can so relate to this. Lucy is probably 1/2 (1/4?) Mingus' size and still manages to take up a ton of space. She's also too small/old to hop into bed on her own, so instead she walks around the bed (her nails clicking on the floor) in the early morning hours. That is her ticket into bed, since Andy will get up and put her there, just to get a little more sleep. Then she likes to climb up by our heads, turning around, putting her butt in our faces. (This is all, by the way, so Andy will get up and give her kibble.)


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