Night Photos

9:22 sunrise
16:11 sunset

It warmed up a bit today – and by a bit I mean up to -17C (2F) – and so I took Mingus for a longer walk after work.  He’s been suuuuuuuper wimpy about the cold so far this year so his outings have been limited this week.  His super blinky collar is now on full time so that we can find him in the dark on bike rides, ski outings and so that cars see him if he dashes into the road.  On our walk I experimented a bit with our camera’s limited long exposure features. They look (moderately) better bigger – just click on the photo.

Mingus – mostly still but some head movement, 3 second exposure:

Mingus veeeery still, 3 second exposure:

Mingus on the move:

Both of us with the added benefit of street lights, exposure time about 1.5 seconds:

Not perfect, but something to work on and to entertain myself with on long winter nights.

One comment

  1. Hello! I found your blog via Facebook and Dressember. Your photos looks great! I live in Finland half way to north Pole… We have a little bit of snow, but at the moment it's raining… The autumn has been long this year, last year we got snow in November and it didn't melt until April… So far the coldest we had this winter is -7°… +7°C is more common…


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