A post about clothing to get you ready for next month

9:34 sunrise
16:03 sunset
In addition to Christmas decorations I also bought this sweater in Vancouver.  I think it’s rather sharp AND I think I look pretty awesome for an 8am bathroom photo too.  Take that self-esteem jar!!  The sweater is from a cute little shop on Main Street called Two of Hearts.  It’s owned by two Vancouver women who design the clothes and make them locally (well, in Canada).  Their online shop doesn’t make the clothes look super fantastic (in my opinion) but I really liked the fit and attention to little design features – like the neck on my sweater. 
Anyhow, most of this post is just to give me an excuse to talk about my closet and to say that I will again be challenging myself to Dressember in 2011. 
Started by blogger Blythe and introduced to me last year by Sandra, the idea is to wear a dress each and every day in December.  The official rules say that skirts don’t count, but I wore them last year anyhow.  I haven’t decided what the plan is this year but I am hoping to borrow a few dresses from friends, just to make it interesting for myself.  The good news is that the weather forecast for the upcoming week is for warmer weather so I won’t be obsessed about how to stay warm without looking like the Michelin woman.
So if anyone out there is into the challenge – join me!  I’d love to follow your Dressember adventure. 


  1. You can borrow some of my dresses. I have a couple wool-ish ones. And some that probably don't quite fit me, but I try to wear anyway. Plus there's always the super breaster I wore to Barb's.


  2. Happy u visited my blog =) No, I'm not going to be in Dressember, I don't have any dresses =( But I have alot of skirts and wear them almost every day when I can=) I even had skirts last winter when it was -30°C! I found “thermo leggings”! They are super and warm!


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