Day & Dress #1

9:41 sunrise
15:58 sunset

today’s high: 2C
tonight’s low: -4C

So here we go again!
The rules of Dressember are simple: wear dresses all month. We are allowed to repeat dresses. We’re not allowed to wear skirts. I may have to break that rule, but I am going to try not to.  Then the deal is to take a photograph of myself in my dress each day and post the images here.  Blythe says that the spirit of Dressember is to reclaim/embrace/celebrate femininity and to not take life so seriously all the time.  I’m not so sure about being feminine per se but I’m into fun and I like a challenge.

So for the next 30 days I will attire myself in nothing but dresses.  Well, I’ll be wearing other clothes when I sleep or exercise.  Snow biking in a frock would be a bit of a challenge (but maybe one I am up for….).
I am not 100% sure why I felt like taking the challenge again this year since I am not overly creative with my outfits (I pretty much just put a dress on and go – accessories aren’t my thing).  And it’s not like I have a whole host of new dresses in my closet.  I guess it comes down to my almost obsessive desire to document the mundane and the fact that I like a challenge.  The weather here in the Yukon adds that extra challenge.   Putting on a dress when it’s -40 isn’t usually my first choice.   For this month I am going to post the day’s high and low temperatures along with the sunrise and sunset times.  That way you can send me some extra encouragement when the weather is frigid.  Check the beginning of my posts for this info.
But today we begin with a fabulous +2C when I took this photo.  Kind of a weird pose but that’s what you get when I try to do this over lunch.
Dress – Etsy (Tiny Girl Vintage) – it’s homemade!


  1. oooo, lovely! Love those black rimmed frames with it too! I had to google was 2 C was because I'm lame like that. I bet that is that nice crisp cold that you can stand without a coat for a few minutes… My Midwestern US blood has thinned quite a bit since moving down south, now even low 60s F is “chilly”.


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