Day & Dress #2

9:43 sunrise
15:57 sunset

today’s high: +2C
tonight’s low: -4C

I swear that the wind was so gusty today that it was trying to blow my glasses off my face.

The necklace was my grandmother’s and this lovely scarf (which isn’t very easy to see in the head to toe photos) was made for me by my friend Paula.

Boots – Bogs (kids)
Tights – Superstore
Dress – Thrifted
Shirt – Joe Fresh (Superstore)
Scarf – made for me

I wish these photos weren’t quite so dark but today was overcast.  This is a somewhat better photo of the dress, taken at the end of summer 2010.  The dress was a score from a thrifting spree that a flickr friend (mavenhaven) made on my behalf.  I’m actually thinking that I should try and arrange exchanges like that more often.  An I thrift stuff for you, you thrift stuff for me sort of arrangement.  The problem is that up here there isn’t much to find in secondhand shops and what there is ain’t cheap.  Maybe I can exchange something else… if you’ve got a brilliant idea, let me know.

Otherwise, I’m just glad it’s Friday.


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