Day & Dress #4

9:47 sunrise
15:54 sunset

today’s high: +3C
tonight’s low: -4C

Blergh – why do weekends have to go by so quickly?!  This one was filled with outdoor activity of the ski and bike variety, eating well (at home and at friends’) and a bit of secondhand shopping.  Overall a lovely 2 days but not enough!!

The weather has stayed unseasonably warm and between now and tomorrow morning it is supposed to go up to 9C.  NINE degrees above zero.  It’s insanity and I hope it doesn’t happen.  Normal range for this time of year is -9C to -18C.  I hate when the streets get all slushy – to say nothing of the trails.

So again, not too many layers required for Dressember but a cozy dress nonetheless.

Shoes – Converse, thrifted in Vancouver
Jeans – Gap, Sweetheart style
Dress – Banana Republic
Arm Warmers – Smartwool
Hat – The chill toque, Sauce Headwear

Mingus makes his first, but probably not last, Dressember appearance.

Maybe next time I’ll make him wear the hat.


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